YAMJ installation for HDX 1000

  1. Install JRE (be sure the path variable is set, so java.exe in the \bin directory can be found. I added this line to the My_YAMJ.cmd: path=%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin)
  2. Download yamj, extract to a directory. I use x:\yamj
  3. Download MediaInfo, get the CLI versio. Create folder x:\yamj\mediainfo and extract the archive into this folder.
  4. Download YAMJ GUI, put the .exe file in c:\yamj.  All our prerequisites are in place, we can prepare YAMJ to do the first scan.
  5. Run YAMJ GUI (YAMJ GUI Config v0.51.exe), and configure all settings. The following screenshot is my config. I’m using the HDX Harddrive as my only movie store, so the NMT Path is pointing to the HDX.

    HDX YAMJ GUI config
    HDX YAMJ GUI config
  6. Start My_YAMJ.cmdMy_YAMJ.cmd
  7. When indexing is done, copy the folder c:\yamj\jukebox to your NMT, copy also index.htm. Open the index.htm on your HDX (see screenshot below), and you will have a full blown interface!
    HDX browse files
  8. done.

When adding movies to your library, the .cmd must be executed again, and files need to be copied again to your NMT.