Remote shutdown servers in a LAB environment

I don’t want my Hyper-V server powered on all night, so this is my part to save our planet Smile

First of all I needed a service account, granted only the permissions needed.

Service account Name: svc-shutdown (enabled: password never expires)

Then, I created a Group Policy to grant this account shutdown permissions (locally and remote, probably only these remote permissions are needed) and to log on as a batch job.


After linking the GPO to the OU’s where needed, I created a Scheduled Task to run a batch file:


Let’s say run at 1AM:


And run this batch file:


The batch file does need some improvement, but that’s for later:

shutdown /m \\server1 /s /f

shutdown /m \\server3 /s /f

shutdown /m \\server242 /s /f