Clear the App-V 5.0 cache

Clearing the App-V cache is a common task for IT Pro’s, helpdesk have it in there toolbox. Back in the App-V 4.x days clearing the Softgrid cache could be done with sftmime.exe, the registry and some old fashion batch scripting,  but things are different now in App-V 5 Powershell land.

Remove all packages from disk (AKA machine cache)

First remove all connection groups, because packages that are a member of any connection group couldn’t be removed:

Get-AppvClientConnectionGroup -All | Remove-AppvClientConnectionGroup

After that, remove all App-V 5 apps from the cache:

Get-AppvClientPackage -All | Remove-AppvClientPackage

Clear application settings (AKA user cache/user state)

Using the packageName:

Repair-AppvClientPackage <packageName>

Using the packageGUID and versionGUID:

Repair-AppvClientPackage -PackageId <packageGUID> -VersionId <versionGUID>

Pipe things (usefull in scripts or to target multiple applications using a wildcard):

Get-AppvClientPackage -PackageId <packageGUID> -VersionId <versionGUID> | Repair-AppvClientPackage

More on the Repair-AppvClientPackage cmdlet on Technet.