App-V 5 Inside the bubble (AKA break into the Virtual Environment)

As App-V grows up, this old post “Softgrid/App-V: Inside the bubble” became outdated. With App-V 5.x we have Powershell to break into the bubble.

Launch a cmd.exe processes inside the App-V 5 virtualized environment:

$AppVName = Get-AppvClientPackage <Package>
Start-AppvVirtualProcess -AppvClientObject $AppVName cmd.exe

Or as a oneliner:

Start-AppvVirtualProcess -AppvClientObject (Get-AppvClientPackage “<AppVApplicationName>”) cmd.exe

Change “cmd.exe” to your needs, and of course change AppVApplicationName to the application name you would break into..

Another approach is the /appvve switch:


Or using a virtual process id:

cmd.exe /appvpid:8108