SSDT 2017 silent install

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio silent install is a PITA, I struggled some hours with it. But finally I’ve found a way to have SSDT 2017 15.7.1 (standalone, without a full Visual Studio) installed silently.

The official SSDT support page states:

When installing SSDT on Windows 10 and choosing Install new SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017 instance, please clear any checkbox and install the new instance first. After the new instance is installed, please reboot the computer and open the SSDT installer again to continue the installation.

That’s easy when using the GUI. But when you need to deploy the software to 100+ machines an automated scripted way is needed.

First extract the sources with the /layout switch.

Secondly I needed to install the “vs_installer_opc.SignCertificates.p12” certificate from the \certificates-folder, before running the installer. Otherwise the installer tries to get online and that can fail in some enviroments. The /noweb doesn’t hold the installer to call home.

Then you need to run the Setup twice. First to create an instance, and a second time to install the SSDT features (AS, RS, IS). A reboot wasn’t necessary.

Create an instance;

SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe /install installvssql:ssdt /passive /NORESTART /LOG “%your-logpath%\SSDT2017_create-new-instance.log”

Install SSDT features (AS, RS, IS);

SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe /install installall /passive /NORESTART /LOG “%your-logpath%\SSDT2017_installall.log”