Softgrid/App-V: Inside the bubble

There are some ways to view inside the virtual Softgrid / App-V bubble.

1. First method is by editing the .OSD file, inside the <DEPENDENCY> tag add:


2. Second way by using sfttray (starting from AppV version 4.5 you can use this method):

  • Get the ApplicationName:
    • sftmime /query obj:app /short -> gives you a list of all Softgrid applications on your client
      Or use the AppV Console (sftcmc.msc) instead, to get your applicationName and version.
  • Launch a DOS Box in the bubble:
    • sfttray /exe cmd.exe /launch “applicationName Version”

For example:

  • sfttray /EXE cmd.exe /launch “Notepad++ 5.4.2” -> launches a command prompt in the bubble
  • sfttray /exe cmd.exe /launch “SnagIt”


This way we can leave our OSD’s in production untouched!