Import phonebook contacts to BlackBerry

In short: Export all your contacts to a CSV or VCF file, and import them into your brand new BlackBerry.


  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.01
  • ABC Amber vCard Converter
  • Spreadsheet software (MS Excel, Openoffice Calc ..)

First generate a .CSV file containing all your contacts (using your mobile phone’s software. Fe. Samsung PC Studio..). Or even better, generate a .VCF file. If you have a .CSV file, convert it to a .VCF using the CSV2vCard website. Adapt the fields to your needs!

Then start ABC Amber vCard Converter, open the VCF file, select all contacts and click the BlackBerry icon to export a .IPD file.

Save a IPD file using ABC Amber vCard Converter

Last step: launch Blackberry Desktop Manager, go to Backup and Restore, select Restore and browse to the .IPD file.


Click >> and you’re done!

importing ipd file into blackberry phone 

If you want to delete al contacts, select Advanced, click Address Book and choose Clear.

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    Apparently, the converter you mentioned above is no longer available at the link given. Do you have any other alternatives?

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